Ludovic d'Arcy des Fleurilles

Player: David
Game: 7th Sea
Game Moderator: David
Dominic  (Eric)
Don Xavier  (Wim)
Lucinda  (Dirk)
Padre Torva  (Hans)
The Saint  (Thomas)
Tom Griffith  (Raf)
Wolfgang Brandt  (Michaël)
Alejandro  (Eric)

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Background and History

Ludovic has been raised in Charouse, in and near the court of King Léon. His mother is a lower noblewoman who understands the fine art of mooching off real nobility and who does anything to wiggle her way up the social ladder. Ludovic is terrified of her. His father is unknown to him. The few times he dared confront his mother about him, he got nothing but evasive answers.

After a successfull, be it short, career in the military, he was recruited into the musketeers, where he now is a sergeant. His skill with the sword was in no small part a reason for his recruitment, but so was his utter loyalty to the crown.

Ludovic keeps an open mind about the other people and customs in Théah, but due to his upbringing can't help but seeing the world through Montaignese glasses.

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