Loremaster Quantum

Player: David
Game: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Game Moderator: Eric
Mandrake  (Thomas)

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Background and History

Quantum, a priest of Oghma (the God of Knowledge, Loremaster is the title a priest of Oghma receives), decided to gather information and compile it in an encyclopaedia. To that end, he co-operates with Mandrake the Magician. Depending on who you ask, that encyclopaedia will be called "The Quantum and Mandrake Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the World" or "The Mandrake and Quantum Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the World".

Whatever its name, the information in the encyclopedia is as diverse as it can get - because it is gathered while travelling with a merry band of adventurers - and describes the world as seen through the eyes of a priest and a wizard, which is not always very objective, eventhough they believe it is.

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