Player: Eric
Game: Streetmare
Game Moderator: David
Dino  (Dirk)
Doc Nomad  (Raf)
Donk  (David)
Harry  (Thomas)
Russki  (Wim)

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Background and History

Logan is an engineer who did research and development for a corporation. He was specialized in laser technology, and did his research in weapon applications for his corporation. In secret. Because according to a treaty between the corporations, energy weaponry was forbidden on New World.

Then one day he got erased. He couldn't get in the corporate laboratory anymore. He wasn't on the employee list. When he asked to see the head of the secret lab, there was some whispering and some phone calls, and a friendly invitation to follow those nice men over there. He saw the armored guards coming just in time to know something was very wrong, and he ran. He couldn't find his car in his parking lot, someone else was parked there. He went to his house to pick up some stuff before he went into hiding, but his house was lived in by some other corporate employee. His bank account didn't seem to exist. So he had to go in hiding without anything left.

He went into hiding in Downtown, which is where everyone hides if the corporations are after him. Still thinking he had done something to his corporation (or someone framed him) and that they did this to him, he met other people who were erased, and realised this might be bigger. He joined them in their search for answers.

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I. On one of our very first jobs, we were hired to break into some sort of bunker, steal something, and get out. What we didn't know is that we were really hired to attract attention so the real team could do their own job unnoticed. We were set up.

And of course, it went bad. At one point, when we realized we were being framed, we tried to get out. We had a whole squad of heavily armed security personnel on our tails, and when we turned a corner, we saw at the end of the long corridor behind it a man in full powered combat suit, sporting a harness mounted minigun (a minigun is a heavy machinegun usually only mounted on vehicles). He fired, spraying a rain of bullets into the wall behind us while we ducked back behind the corner, and we were pinned down. The man then thought it funny to taunt us.

We escaped alive thanks to Logan. And from then on, we had a serious grudge against Benjamin Sludge, the crime lord who set us up to die, and in the end, he regretted it. But that's another story.

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