Harry Caleb

Player: Thomas
Game: Streetmare
Game Moderator: David
Dino  (Dirk)
Doc Nomad  (Raf)
Donk  (David)
Logan  (Eric)
Russki  (Wim)

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Background and History

Harry wasn't always Harry. He used to be someone else. But that someone else got so deep in trouble that he had to disappear, permanently, so that Harry could become Harry. Only Donk (me) knows the truth about Harry, because his the one that made the previous identity disappear. The reason that Donk is still alive with that knowledge is - as Donk likes to think - that Harry trusts him (although that seems unlikely, as Harry doesn't really trust people).

Harry was never a man to get his hands dirty. Not directly. He likes other people to do that for him. While his friends did the more obvious work, going from assassination to computer hacking, he worked more subtly, and used his friends and connections to create power vacuums he could take in. In the long run, there were two crime syndicates left in Downtown. The old established one, lead by a Benjamin Sludge, who had to watch and see his Empire slink bit by bit, and the new one, the one lead by Harry Caleb. Inevitably, a gang war erupted. Harry was ready. Had it planned from the very beginning. And he won.

Now Harry is the ruler of Downtown. His head quarters are above an old bar called "Joe's Bar," which is where the party has been frequenting ever since they just arrived in Downtown and were nobodies. It's now Harry's property. As is about everything else in Downtown that makes money.

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