Donk (Justin Thyme)

Player: David
Game: Streetmare
Game Moderator: David
Dino  (Dirk)
Doc Nomad  (Raf)
Harry  (Thomas)
Logan  (Eric)
Russki  (Wim)

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Background and History

Donk was a sewer technician. He worked in the vast sewer system of New City, the capital of New World, facing biohazards of all kinds, from poisons to mutated alligators. The works.

Until one day he got erased. When he got home, someone else lived in his house, apparently for years, or so they claimed. The neighbors claimed they didn't know him. He couldn't get his pay check, as his employer didn't have any data on him. His bank account didn't seem to exist. Not a trace of him was left.

So he ended up in Downtown, the neighborhood of human trash, literally having to fight for survival. There he met some other people who had the same strange experience, and the banded together, looking for answers, taking (dirty) jobs along the way to survive.

By now, Donk is feared and respected throughout Downtown and is known as the fastest gun in the business. He is pretty unpredictable, and can as well hand you a big bunch of credits or a bullet in the head, depending on his mood. As he is rich by now, he doesn't have to take just any odd job anymore, and now works solely for his good friend and Downtown's main crime lord Harry Caleb (Thomas). His favorite partner on a tough job is his other good friend Russki (Wim), who is also feared and respected, although the accent is heavily on the feared in his case.

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