Mandrake the Magician

Player: Thomas
Game: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Game Moderator: Eric
Quantum  (David)

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Background and History

Mandrake was asked by Loremaster Quantum to join him on a scientific mission. Quantum wanted to compile an illustrated encyclopaedia, but he thought the task to great for just one man, so he looked for a companion. Mandrake agreed.

Since then, the two of them joined a band of adventurers, recording knowledge along the way.

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I. Mandrake (Thomas) was a very combative wizard, who had a lot of powerful spells to rain death upon his enemies. At one time, we met a group of enemies we had a lot of trouble with, but Mandrake (Thomas) wasn't able to help. As a target of the enemy wizard(s), he spent the whole fight in magical darkness and/or silence, seeing and hearing nothing at all, unable to cast spells or see potential targets.

That happened many years ago, and Thomas is still frustrated about that fight.

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