Stan Duo

Player: Thomas
Game: Star Wars
Game Moderator: Eric
Itty  (David)

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I. Stan Duo's (Thomas) Corellian freighter wasn't called the "Millennium Falcon". No, it was the "Centennial Chicken".

II. During their adventures, the group was forced to take aboard an Imperial officer. They were forced to follow this officer's orders. Of course, the group didn't like that too much. However, it was the intention - as was described in the story scenario - that the man gained the sympathy of the group so we would all work together to accomplish the task at hand, but somehow Game Master Eric never could get that across to us.

Finally, after a lot of confrontations, we were involved in a fire fight where an enemy was shooting at us from behind crates in a cargo hold with only one way in. We were outside in the corridor, taking cover. It came to another confrontation, and this time GM Eric kinda lost it.

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