Marchese Augustin "The Saint" Bernoulli (Sir Alec?)

Player: Thomas
Game: 7th Sea
Game Moderator: David
Dominic  (Eric)
Don Xavier  (Wim)
Lucinda  (Dirk)
Ludovic d'Arcy  (David)
Padre Torva  (Hans)
Tom Griffith  (Raf)
Wolfgang Brandt  (Michaël)
Alejandro  (Eric)

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Background and History

Who is Sir Alec? As far as anyone knows, he is dead. Missing in action. However, some just say he is a master in disguise and it is possible he is nearer than you suspect. In fact, after Sir Alec of Avalon disappeared, an Ussuran patriot joined the party, and after he also disappeared, the party was joined by a Montaignese nobleman (Saint-Honoré de Pompidou), then an Avalon merchant (only known as the Saint), then a Castillian seaman (Sancho), and now the party seems to be in the august company of one of the sons of Guiseppe Bernoulli, one of the Vodacce princes.

But then again... who knows?

In any case... the man is known by his companions simply as "The Saint".

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I. After many adventures, Lucinda (Dirk) and her friends succeeded in rewinning the ship she lost when she was still with the Sea Dogs. But the party was not so happy to learn the ship was named "the White Dolphin," a name that didn't exactly inspire fear in the hearts of their enemies. Lucinda refused to rename the ship, however, since she claimed there was good luck linked to that name.

But no worries. The Saint (Thomas) always has the answer. He took a paint brush, painted a little "v" between "the" and "White" and painted "Mean" above that, sort of renaming the ship to "the Mean White Dolphin."

II. Eric is very analytical. Where the rest of us see pirates and musketeers, he sees statistical probabilities. One night, he was (again) theorizing on how in this game practically all skills (and knacks, as they are called in 7th Sea) are useless because it's the traits that determine the character's strengths.

Thomas is the total opposite. To him, rules are totally irrelevant, and the story is all what counts.

Then there was a fight aboard a ship.

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I. "Who's that sir Alec everyone is always talking about?"
Every time when the players forget (again) that their characters don't know about Sir Alec's mastery at disguising and refer to Thomas' disguised character as Sir Alec.

II. "I roll a Sincerity check."

After telling a hideous lie... again...

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