Doc Nomad

Player: Raf
Game: Streetmare
Game Moderator: David
Dino  (Dirk)
Donk  (David)
Harry  (Thomas)
Logan  (Eric)
Russki  (Wim)

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Background and History

Doc Nomad was a doctor of medicine. He was dedicated to the job, but frustrated by the corporate rules of who deserves medical attention and who not. Everything became about money and power, not about helping people. Doc Nomad wouldn't have any of that, and refused to work for any corporation. This made him not rich, but with a clean conscience. His free time, he spent in the gym, building perfect muscles and great strength.

Then one day he got erased. He couldn't get into the gym and nobody ever saw him there. His member access card didn't work. His car wouldn't open its voice controlled locks, and his practice didn't exist anymore. It was now some shop the owner claims to have been there for years. He had no money and his bank account didn't seem to exist. He lost everything.

Eventhough he didn't really want to, Doc Nomad ended up in Downtown, which is all who have lost everything end up sooner or later. And after his ideals and oath of Hypocrates got him very nearly killed, he picked up a weapon himself. He chose a very extra-ordinary weapon, hoping it would be scary enough so he didn't actually have to use it all too often. It was a Browning .55 pistol. A weapon with such a strong recoil, it takes a very strong man to even have a chance to hit anything with it. But Doc Nomad was strong.

When he met others who's life were erased too, he hooked up with them, hoping to find an answer to his questions. The people he was with now didn't have that much of a conscience as Doc Nomad did, though, but it was better than being alone out there. And from time to time, he even had to use his gun, always with devastating effects. It got so bad, that it earned him the streetname: the Madman with the .55...

From the whole party, Doc Nomad is the only one who escaped the criminal world. He met the daughter of a corporate CEO, who went clubbing in Downtown (being a bit of a rebel and thrill-seeker), saved her life, and that was the beginning of a romance. He later married her and is now himself a corporate manager high on the corporate ladder (which, according to his old Downtown friends, is just a criminal in a higher league, and they admire him for it).

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I. The problem with Doc Nomad's .55 Browning pistol was that it has a huge recoil. You had to be as strong as Doc Nomad to even be able to fire it with any chance of hitting anything you aimed at, and even then Doc missed often enough. But whatever he hit, it was totally ruined, and that got him and his gun some kind of notoriety. For instance, one night, they were hiding in an dead-end alley, and an armored corporate security car came by, shining a search beam into the alleys, searching for them.

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