Frank Arzath

Player: David
Game: Alternity
Game Moderator: --

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Background and History

Frank's parents were fraal ambassadors to humanity. In an effort to bridge cultural differences, they gave their only son a human name - Frank - and sent him to a human school. Frank grew up amongst humans. Of course, he was never truely accepted. With his grey skin, bald head, and big black eyes, he was just too alien.

Humanity had a double effect on Frank. Because he was so isolated, he came to idealize heroes from fraal mythology, and now strives to become the greatest Mind Knight ever. On the other hand, humanity fascinates him, especially their rich variety of emotions. Fraal know emotions too, but they are few, very basic, and never very strong. So, while on the one hand, he wants to achieve a fraal ideal, at the same time, he tries to understand humans and their emotions.

Frank always goes dressed in human clothing, giving him a very odd appearance, and makes a lot of social mistakes because he once again misinterpretes a human emotion. His companions see him as somewhat comical, but his psionic power is very strong and he is almost always underestimated.

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