Player: Dirk
Game: Streetmare
Game Moderator: David
Doc Nomad  (Raf)
Donk  (David)
Harry  (Thomas)
Logan  (Eric)
Russki  (Wim)

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Background and History

Dino - of course, Dino is not his real name, it's his Matrix nickname (the Matrix being the name of the world spanning computer network) - was a young, nice, computer technician. He worked a low level job for a corporation. Not that he wasn't talented, to the contrary, but he just wasn't very ambitious. He did his job, got his pay, went home to play some computer games, and that was life for him. He was content.

Until one day he got erased. His entry badge didn't work anymore and he couldn't get to his work place. Security personnel couldn't find any employee matching his data, and almost arrested him because even his civilian ID card didn't work. He ran. He couldn't get money because his bank account didn't seem to exist. His apartment didn't exist either. So with his only possession a deckboard - a kind of computer terminal used to directly patch into the Matrix - he had nowhere to go.

And when people have nowhere to go in New City, they end up in Downtown. So did Dino. All he had to sell was his computer expertise, and to his surprise, there was a market for that. But the jobs weren't exactly legal. One of the type of jobs he had to do (next to data theft and so on) was "ghosting." That is by hacking and manipulating computer systems allowing a physical team illegal entry in some secured location. On one of these jobs he met the rest of the party, it was the physical team he had to get in a bunker. He found out some of them had the same mysterious problem he had - being erased - and after that job they stuck together.

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I. Dino was responsible to get the party in and out a secured facility. When the team, heavy hitters armed to the teeth, being Donk (me), Russki (Wim), Doc Nomad (Raf), and Logan (Eric) were very deep into the facility when Dino blew his deckboard and alarms went of. The team was cornered, and taken out with gas bombs.

Dino, who as good as never came from behind his keyboard, was the only member of the team who was still free. Of course, there was nothing he could do. He did it anyway. Armed with just one light pistol (with silencer) and wearing no body armor whatsoever (just a T-shirt with a smiley on it and a baseball hat), he walked into the facility, took out all opposition, freed the team, and walked out again. Not a scratch. Of course, Donk, Russki, Doc Nomad, and Logan were very grateful, but will never admit to anybody that they had to be saved by a lightly armed and inexperienced computer nerd.

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