Lucinda Davenport

Player: Dirk
Game: 7th Sea
Game Moderator: David
Dominic  (Eric)
Don Xavier  (Wim)
Ludovic d'Arcy  (David)
Padre Torva  (Hans)
The Saint  (Thomas)
Tom Griffith  (Raf)
Wolfgang Brandt  (Michaël)
Alejandro  (Eric)

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Background and History

Lucinda Davenport is a runaway bride. Or at least, she was. She ran away for a dull life as some noble's wife, stole the dowry, and used it to buy a ship. She then joined the Sea Dogs - the infamous Avalonese privateers. Her unorthodox style wasn't appreciated by her crew though, and after a mutiny she was thrown overboard. Hours later, she was picked up by the rest of the party and now travels with them.

Lucinda is a stunningly beautiful blond Avalonese noblewoman. But don't let looks deceive you, she's deadlier than a cobra and meaner than a lynx.

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I. After many adventures, Lucinda (Dirk) and her friends succeeded in rewinning the ship she lost when she was still with the Sea Dogs. But the party was not so happy to learn the ship was named "the White Dolphin," a name that didn't exactly inspire fear in the hearts of their enemies. Lucinda refused to rename the ship, however, since she claimed there was good luck linked to that name.

But no worries. The Saint (Thomas) always has the answer. He took a paint brush, painted a little "v" between "the" and "White" and painted "Mean" above that, sort of renaming the ship to "the Mean White Dolphin."

II. The party had caught an agent of the Inquisition. It was an evil man with great power, and a mortal threat to the party and their mission. The man was now at their mercy, and after some deliberation, it was decided the man was too dangerous to let live. We killed him. Lucinda (Dirk) was furious! She said it was not an honorable thing to do. She said we were no better than him for killing a man in cold blood. She said we were turning into the evil we were fighting. Although we still thought we did the only thing we could have done, we were not feeling very good about it, cause she laid the guilt trip on us... heavily.

Some time later, in another game session, we had to disguise ourselves. Lucinda (Dirk) dove into a hidden alley and started to undress when she heard a noise. She turned around, and an old beggar who set up camp in the alley is looking with big eyes and a happy smile at the unexpected sight of a beautiful girl in lingerie. She drew her sword and skewered the man. She killed an innocent old beggar just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Talk about double morals! Bah!

III. It was late at night, and Eric got really tired and decided to push things forward a bit. He pushed so hard that Lucinda (Dirk), who was captain aboard the ship they were all sailing on, decided to have Alejandro (Eric) keelhauled in order to save face in front of her pirate crew, because Alejandro kept disobeying her orders.

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