Player: Wim
Game: Streetmare
Game Moderator: David
Dino  (Dirk)
Doc Nomad  (Raf)
Donk  (David)
Harry  (Thomas)
Logan  (Eric)

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Background and History

All Russki needs is something to drive or fly, and he's perfectly happy. Stating that he is an excellent driver and pilot would be a gross understatement. The man is a miracle worker. He once flew a jet missing half a wing through the cargo hold of a huge freighter, drove a heavy truck through a building (and we really mean through), and escape an ambush by driving his bike up the wall.

He has a bit of a character flaw, though. He's a merciless killer. Wrong friends, I guess.

How It Came To Be

Russki was a test pilot. He tested anything that could drive, fly, or sail. It was his one and only interest.

Until one day he got erased. His employer didn't know him and sure wasn't going to let him drive, fly, or sail anything. His apartment was lived in by someone else. His bank account didn't seem to exist. And he went mad. Totally psychotic.

As all other human trash, he ended up in Downtown, and met some other people with the same strange problem. Together they tried to find an answer to the mystery. In the odd jobs they took to survive in the hostile world of Downtown, there was usually place for someone who could drive the getaway car, land the helicar in tight spaces, or follow a target by motorcycle. And of course, Russki was the man.

But not only that. Russki also took up arms, and revelled in using them. He shot everything and everyone (well, not his friends and companions, yet, at least, not all of them, and then even not too often), and showed an absolute lack of scrupules. He became good friends with Donk (me), who maybe did have some code of honor of his own (although nobody figured it out just yet), but was otherwise just as deadly and ruthless. Now both of them work for crime lord Harry Caleb (Thomas) and are only put on jobs that really need to be done, no matter the consequences.

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I. Remember that in Streetmare we play fairly ruthless street criminals, fighting to survive in "Downtown", the worst neighborhood of the largest city of the planet, where everybody who doesn't fit into the corporate world for one reason or another ends up. In this urban jungle everyone is prepared to do anything to survive, and it's eat or be eaten.

So... once we were running for corporate killers, again, and we needed a new disguise, again. Fed up with all the plastic surgery, Russki (Wim) decided that he was going to just dye his hair white. Being millionaires (just don't ask how we got all that money), we could have bought a hair-dye factory, but no, Russki was going to rob a shop for it.

So he pulled a pantyhose over his head, went into the shop and demanded a bottle of dyeing shampoo from the old guy behind the counter. The old guy gave it to him but Russki shot him anyway when he realized our enemies would probably find out about the theft if the man could file a report with the police. With the witness out of the way, Russki took of his pantyhose-mask and dyed his hair right there. He just finished when the shopkeeper's wife came into the shop to check on the noise. So Russki shot the old lady? No. He ran. Not only leaving a trace for our enemies, but also a witness to the murder and to his new disguise.

Don't try to understand. This is the mind of a psychopath.

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I. "I'm driving!"

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