Player: Wim
Game: Dragonstar (D20)
Game Moderator: David
Draconus  (Eric)
Johannes  (Dirk)
King Brown  (Thomas)
Krillin  (Raf)
Spanner  (Michaël)
Spunk Spiralis  (Hans)

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Background and History

Died... And Came Back...

Gnuâri confronted the leader of a gang of space pirates who was trapped with the party in a marooned starship. The woman had two mummy body guards, however, and mummies magically spread a feeling of despair around them. Gnuâri fell prey to the magic, effectively paralyzing him with despair. One of the mummies shot him dead while he was defenseless.
Fortunately, the starship was a hospital ship equipped with the very latest in medical equipment. As a matter of fact, the party had by then found out they were in fact no natural life forms, but constructed. Clones. The party put Gnuâri in the gel-filled tube he was grown in, and the medical systems brought him back.

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