Padre Torva

Player: Hans
Game: 7th Sea
Game Moderator: David
Dominic  (Eric)
Don Xavier  (Wim)
Lucinda  (Dirk)
Ludovic d'Arcy  (David)
The Saint  (Thomas)
Tom Griffith  (Raf)
Wolfgang Brandt  (Michaël)
Alejandro  (Eric)

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Background and History

Padre Torva is a Castillian priest who used to work - without realizing it - for the Inquisition. Although he is Castillian, he looks like an Eisen: large and blond. Since no one really knows where he comes from (he was abandoned as a baby) it is quite possible he really is an Eisen from birth.

Now he travels around Théah and has learned that the Inquisition is not his friend. Recently he has been contacted by a mysterious group of people who seem to want something from him, but he hasn't got a clue what it is. All that he knows is that they too are not on friendly terms with the Inquisition.

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