Player: Diego
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D20)
Game Moderator: Dave
Bran Eil Taran  (Tim P.)
Cedric the Serene  (David)
Falin M'or  (Dirk V.)
Hurukan  (An)

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Background and History

Vincent adventures in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Vincent is a half-drow barbarian ranger. He started out as an evil bastard, but thanks to the gentle pressure applied by Cedric the Serene (who turned Vincent over to the law and made him famous through "wanted" posters), he saw the light. Now he behaves himself... more or less.

Vincent is becoming known as the Meat Grinder, as he enters combat with two whirring scimitars, hacking and slashing everyone and everything that crosses his path.

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I. "Coockaroony!!!"
His battle cry -- don't ask.

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