Igor Gimley

Player: David
Game: Call of Cthulhu
Game Moderator: Thomas
Arthur Fluffenberg  (Hans)

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Background and History

Igor is a hideous creature that only looks human from a huge distance. He's hunchbacked, a genetic dwarf with long, monkey-like arms, and his face is warped, causing him to drool the whole time. He scares the living daylights out of everyone he meets.

His mother was a patient at the Arkham asylum, and probably the only person in the world that could see beyond Igor's ugliness. Maybe being incurably insane is what is needed to appreciate the inner Igor.

Feeling the disgust of others, Igor more or less disappeared. He still lived in the asylum, but he dwelled in the basement and between the walls. He didn't become the Phantom of the Opera, but the Creature of the Asylum. It didn't take long before he became more of a legend than a true person.

After his mother died, he left the Asylum to see the world. His finest skill is to stay unseen, to sneak around. He also took the shotgun of the groundskeeper to hunt rats. Even Igor needs to eat.

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