Alejandro Dorrados (†)

Player: Eric
Game: 7th Sea
Game Moderator: David
Dominic  (Eric)
Don Xavier  (Wim)
Lucinda  (Dirk)
Ludovic d'Arcy  (David)
Padre Torva  (Hans)
The Saint  (Thomas)
Tom Griffith  (Raf)
Wolfgang Brandt  (Michaël)

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Background and History

The manservant of don Xavier, Alejandro is an extremely, even fanatically so, loyal Castillian. Following his master around the world, he constantly collects information to further the Castillian cause, often at great personal risk. Or even great risk for the entire party.


The wife of the Saint (Thomas) was going to sacrifice herself to stop a very destructive Syrneth machine from destroying the country of Vodacce and part of Castille. She used her fate-influencing magic to prevent the Saint from stopping her (much to his frustration). But she didn't notice Alejandro, who heroically took her place in the machine and gave his life to stop the destruction and save the wife of his friend.

Alejandro's body was obliterated. So he's assumed to be dead. Of course, with Syrneth technology, one never knows... (to be continued?)


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I. It was late at night, and Eric got really tired and decided to push things forward a bit. He pushed so hard that Lucinda (Dirk), who was captain aboard the ship they were all sailing on, decided to have Alejandro (Eric) keelhauled in order to save face in front of her pirate crew, because Alejandro kept disobeying her orders.

II. Eric is very analytical. Where the rest of us see pirates and musketeers, he sees statistical probabilities. One night, he was (again) theorizing on how in this game practically all skills (and knacks, as they are called in 7th Sea) are useless because it's the traits that determine the character's strengths.

Thomas is the total opposite. To him, rules are totally irrelevant, and the story is all what counts.

Then there was a fight aboard a ship.

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I. "There's only a 7.3345% chance this roll will succeed. I'm not going to waste a Drama Die."
Eric created and printed an Excel sheet with a huge amount of dice roll combinations, which I don't allow him to use during a game session. But he peeks at it all the time anyway...

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