Cedric (†)

Player: Tim P.
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D20)
Game Moderator: David
Fritz  (Tim P.)
Heian Amakiir  (Dirk V.)
Kaloka  (Nick)
Rowan Blackadder  (Dave)
Krusk  (Peter)
Lupus  (Peter)
Myamato  (Werner)
Yak  (Nick)

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Background and History


The party was stuck on one side of a rope bridge over a deep chasm with orcs on the other side. Cedric cast the Sanctuary spell to prevent the orcs from attacking him, and started to cross the bridge. He was right, the orcs didn't attack him. They destroyed the rope bridge instead, sending Cedric on a long fall down, disappearing in the darkness below and never being heard from since.

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