Myamoto Musashi (†)

Player: Werner
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D20)
Game Moderator: David
Fritz  (Tim P.)
Heian Amakiir  (Dirk V.)
Kaloka  (Nick)
Rowan Blackadder  (Dave)
Cedric  (Tim P.)
Krusk  (Peter)
Lupus  (Peter)
Yak  (Nick)

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Background and History


Myamato thought it wise to taste just a little bit from the strange liquid in the crystal flask the party found. The fact that they found that flask in a torture chamber didn't phase him at all.

It was a magical poison. I guess, technically, Myamato isn't dead. He just (slowly - over the course of several days - and painfully) turned into a tree.


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