Player: David
Game: Star Wars
Game Moderator: Eric
Stan Duo  (Thomas)

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Background and History

Itty is an alien student of the Force. A Jedi wannabe. He is even pretty good at using the Force, but being very alien, he didn't always follow the same laws of logic the rest of the group did.

All this resulted in the last game ending with the whole group fighting amongst each other for the privilige of pushing the button that will open the airlock they locked Itty in and blow him into space.

(Itty looks pretty much like E.T., and his index finger glows when he uses the Force.)

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I. After a very dangerous fight, the group finally succeeds in defeating the Hutt that has been making their lives difficult for ages. The fat crime boss is dying, and everybody is relieved that this will finally end the deadly feud they had with his organization.

Itty however has above all a strong respect for life. So while the rest was licking their wounds, he went to the Hutt, touched him, channeled the Force, and to the horror of his companions spoke the words: "You will live." And the Hutt lived. And he wasn't too grateful. And evertyhing went back to being as bad as it was, maybe worse.

That's when the group threw Itty in an airlock and are now trying to decide who will push the button to blow him into space.

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I. "You wil live..."

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