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The Creator

It's My Web-Site! Mine! Mine! All Mine!

I'm the creator of this website, so I can write anything I like here. This is version 5 of this site. Not that ever a version 4 was published, but it does exist on my hard-drive... somewhere.

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The Mascotte

What's With All Them Mouses?

For you who wonder about the mouse pictures. A mouse called Dave has always been a recurring theme in my previous sites. There was even a hidden link to "Dave-Web!", where he had his own little website.

So... who the hell is Dave?

Dave is the coolest web-mascotte in existence. Oh, sure, web-mascotte by night, but between sunrise and sunset, he slips into his secret identity and makes enormous amounts of money working for a large entertainment corporation.

Because of that, all my illustrations are based on that mouse.

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Early History


I was born on the 20th anniversary of the bomb on Hiroshima. Although I don't think the world was equally shocked by both events, I probably was.

I (mostly) grew up in Izegem (Belgium, West Flanders).

The Early Years

The Boucherie plant in Izegem
My father, Marcus, is a manager of the Boucherie company (the leading manufacturer of brushmaking machines and moldmaking technology, or at least, that's what the marketing people put on the web-site). You probably notice that "Boucherie" is also my family name. That's because the company was founded by my grandfather (obviously on my father's side) back in 1928.

My mother, Gabriëlla "Gaby" Tanghe, was a sports teacher. She quit her job a few years after my birth though, because of a back injury.

With two working parents, the first years of my life I spent a lot of time with my (retired) grandparents (on mother's side). My grandmother gave me the values I hold dear: love, peace, and happiness, dudes! My grandfather, a bee-keeper, gave me my love for books, which kinda makes up for the countless times I've been stung by bees (that, and the excellent honey he got from them).

My Brothers

I have two younger brothers.

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High School

Sint Jozefscollege
I have great memories of my high school, the Sint Jozefscollege.

It's there and then I got my first computer. A senior student demonstrated his TRS-80 (yes, I'm that old) in front of the class room the first week I was in high school. I was immediately hooked. I went home, pleaded with my parents (really, I did), until they caved in. The very same day I went to the shop and bought my very own TRS-80. I've been sitting behind a computer screen practically every day ever since.

There I also discovered the joy of mathematics. Yes, I love numbers and formulas and the intricate nature of mathematics. Evidently, I majored in the stuff.


Some courses here...
After high school, I studied information and computer science at the K.U.Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) in, you guessed it, Leuven.

When I started my studies, information and computer science was nothing more than some option in the mathematics curriculum. We also had to work (in the first year) with Hollerith cards. Aaaah. The good old days, when computer science was something for real men (and a few women), and not for kids, like my son, who already knew more about computers at age 4 than my parents ever will.

On the other hand, I think I would quite have enjoyed surfing on the net for free, like today's students are able to.

...but most here

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My Home

A Man's Home Is His (Tiny Little) Castle

We, that is myself and my wife and two children, live in a small but comfortable house with a veranda and a little garden.

It's located just outside the city limits of Turnhout, very near the city park, in a quiet neighbourhood. Damn, it's almost idyllic. And then there are those who are lucky enough to live in a large city, where people get killed on the doorstep and you have to weld the doors of your car shut if you want to find it back where you left it the day before.

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Life Style

Perfect Me

What can I say? I'm perfect! I don't smoke. I don't drink alcohol. I don't do drugs. I don't speed. I don't cheat on my wife. I don't hit my children. I don't evade taxes. I must be the most boring person on the net.

I'm a bit of a night owl. Nighttime is when I'm most active. I only sleep about 5 hours per day. I need all that time to work on useless websites hardly anybody ever reads... among other things.

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The New (Kelly) Boucherie Family?

Finally, after years and years and years of thinking to myself: "one day, I'll learn to play an instrument", I did. I started playing the guitar.

How did that happen?

On school days, my children used to eat at home at noon, but now they are older they eat at school. My wife, a full-time domestic manager (yes, that means housewife), suddenly had extra time on her hands she didn't know how to fill. One day, when I asked her how her day had been, she said (half joking): "Terrible, I was so bored I almost bought a piano to keep myself busy." That's when I thought: "Why not?"

So we went to the music store and bought a keyboard and a couple of guitars. Now my wife and daughter are taking keyboard lessons and my son and I are taking guitar lessons.

A Varied Taste

I like a lot of different styles of music. That's because I don't know anything about it.

My favorite band probably is Pink Floyd.

When listening to the radio (mainly in the car), it's Studio Brussel for me.

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What are you talking about? I have been married for almost 16 years. I have two kids. It's all over for me...

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