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Early History

Touch and Go Birth

On September 2nd 1990, my daughter was born. It was a close call. She was three weeks early and weighed but 2.3 kg. There were all kinds of complications and I almost lost both my wife and kid. For three days, my wife was even too sick to go see her daughter, who was kept in an incubator. Thanks to technology, embodied in my camcorder, my wife could see the baby on video tape. It turned all out fine in the end.

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My Daughter and My Genes

Now Eva's a clever young lady. She's extremely smart, definitely a product of my genes. Actually, she does take after me. My wife sometimes says Eva's more like my mother, and I don't quite know if she means that as a compliment...

My Daughter and My Computer

I had the biggest problems getting her away from my computer. I think she actually could say "computer" before she could say "papa". After I bought myself a new PC some years ago, and I gave her the old one, it got a little better, but then she discovered the Internet and since only my computer had Internet access, I was forced to get her a new computer with an Internet connection to be able to reclaim my own machine...

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