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Eva plays the keyboards. She started playing (and taking lessons) together with her mam and turned out to be somewhat of a natural.

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She also attends an arts school, where she's taking drawing lessons. Her artist "nom-de-plume" is Elfje (Little Elf).

Some samples of her art (which I scanned from her sketch book)...

Some of her drawings are original (I especially like the purple elf), others are drawn from pictures or other drawings, and still others are drawn from real objects.

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Computer Graphics

But maybe her real talent lies in computer graphics. In my humble - and maybe not entirely objective - opinion, she's a real wizard when it comes to making computer art. She loves to work with pictures.

This is for example a picture she made around Rose McGowan (one of the witches in the TV series Charmed).

You can see some more of the work she does on her weblog ("fotoalbum" section) and on her own websites, which are both to Charmed (yes, she's a fan).

Elfje's Weblog

Charming Witches

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell

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