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Early History

On February 24th 1993, my son was born. Everything went well for a change and we were very relieved. There is not much to tell, except maybe that he looked more like a frog than a human baby. It went away after the first day.

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My Son and My Genes

He takes more after his mother than Eva. He's also incredibly smart and handsome, which proves he's mine alright.

My Son and Computers

As for computers, he likes them just as much as I do. One of his favorite pass-times as a little kid was to sit next to me or on my lap while I was working on my computer, asking me every five seconds when it's his turn. Like his sister, he has his own PC, but uses it exclusively for gaming. He's crazy about computer games, PC, PlayStation/2, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, ... he plays it all, and in many games is a threat to the family's champion... me!

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He tried about everything. Not always with great success.

But he's a very accomplished swimmer, and a prize-winning badminton player. At least he got some sports right.

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When we all started playing music, my wife and daughter keyboard and I guitar, he wanted to play the drums. Although, because of (a) lack of space to put down a drum set and (b) the potential noise polution, I kinda convinced him to play guitar instead.

So he's been playing guitar for 2 years and still is going on about drums. Maybe one day I'll cave in.

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