Real-Life Gamers

My Gaming Buddies

Meet the gamers I still regularly play with.

For all those who are convinced people are dooming their souls if they even think about role-playing games, let alone play them, (although I very much doubt those people will visit this website), you will find that all the players presented here are (mostly) decent people with jobs and families. So... yes... in a way, we are all doomed.

Me! Me! Me!

Of course, the most important of all those gamers, is ME! (It's MY website, so I'm allowed to write anything I want, including that. )

So... ME! ME! PICK ME!

Continuously Under Construction

This part of the site is - of course - continuously under construction. Not only did anybody want to put their lives on hold because I'm too lazy to keep my website up to date, but on top of that, I put most of my time in the part about role playing games, and this part isn't quite finished.

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