Fantasy (alternate Earth)


Welcome to the Mythus (Dangerous Journeys) fantasy roleplaying game.

There are magickal worlds awaiting within. There are worlds of palace intrigues, subterranean adventures, places which time has forgotten, and whimsical "counter-worlds" where winged sprites and monstrous things of evil dwell. Swordplay and witchcraft, dragons and giants, alchemy and conjuration, the Seelie Court of Phæree and the temples of demon-servers - all these things and more...

While most people of our world don't know it, there is another world connected to ours by minor dimensional irregularities, weaknesses in the fabric of the multiverse, if you will. Sometimes strange things happen to pass through these portals, and thus we have tales of sea monsters, "little people", and the like. More frequently, though, people from here step into the beyond, disappearing from Earth forever, lost without a trace. Come with us now to visit the most magickal of the other worlds connected to our own, an alternate world called Ærth.

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