Science Fantasy (steampunk), Western


The spaghetti western... with meat!

The year is 1876, but the history is not our own. The American Civil War rages on, neither side able to establish a clear advantage. Most of California has fallen into the sea. The Sioux Nations have reclaimed the Dakotas. And the dead walk among us.

In Deadlands: The Weird West Roleplaying Game, players take on the roles of hexslinging hucksters, mad scientists armed with weird, steampunk gizmos, deadly gunfighters, fearless Indian braves, and wizened shamans.

In 1863, a vengeful warband called the Last Sons unleashed the manitous upon humanity, and nothing has been the same since.

The world's gone to Hell, and sometimes you're better off dead. A few relentless heroes have returned from the grave to battle the abominations of these new myths and twisted legends, and their mysterious masters, the Reckoners.

Come take a walk in the Deadlands.

If you dare.

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