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Science Fiction (lost colony)


150 years from now
Humans impose their will and technology upon a distant world.

3500 years from now
Man's rule is ancient history, Earth only a shadowy myth. Humans and other intelligent races survive using technologies and tools of other times and other cultures. Their own inspiring past eagerly awaits discovery beneath millennia of war and regrowth.

3500 years from now is your time on Jorune.

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Player Characters

Players are one of the three Races of Humans.
Humans are directly descended from the original Earth colonists.

Boccord are the largest and strongest of the three human races. Their assets are mainly physical. Boccord have an innate sensitivity to the different patterns of energy naturally radiated by all individuals. At high levels of sophistication, boccord can detect the presence of animals and people at great distances.

Muadra are close relatives to the Humans, although a little smaller and weaker. They differ from humans in that their bodies readily absorb and manipulate Jorune energy. Through the development of these energy manipulation skills, muadra can become very powerful. Muadra who devote themselves to learning the skill of energy manipulation are called caji.

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