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ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is a world. Of course, this world is not complete. It needs organizers and adventurers to order and explore it. It needs you!

A fantasy role playing game is an exercise in imagination and personal creativity. The organizer of the campaign, the Dungeon Master, must use the system to devise an individual and unique world. Into this world of weird monsters, strange people, multitudinous states, and fabulous treasures of precious items and powerful magic stride fearless adventurers - you and your fellow players. Inexperienced and of but small power at first, by dint of hard fighting and clever deeds, these adventurers advance in ability to become forces to be reckoned with - high priests or priestesses, lords, wizards and arch-magi, master thieves. The abilities of each adventurer are fixed, but even such characteristics as strength, intelligence, and wisdom are mutable in a fantasy world. By means of group co-operation and individual achievement, an adventurer can become ever more powerful. Even death loses much of its sting, for often the character can be resurrected, or reincarnated. And should that fail there is always the option to begin again with a new character.

Thus ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is, as are most role playing games, open-ended. There is no "winner", no final objective, and the campaign grows and changes as it matures.

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Player Characters

In the basic rules, players choose a race and a class from the ones listed hereafter. Classes are one of four groups. Each AD&D campaign setting offers its own variations on player character races and classes.

AD&D races and classes
Races   Warrior Priest Wizard Rogue
Mythos Priest
Conjurer Diviner

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Next to the generic high fantasy setting of the base rule books, a number of specific settings are found in the AD&D game. Here are those of which I own at least one book, but there are even more than those.

[Al-Qadim] [Dark Sun] [Dragonlance] [Forgotten Realms] [Greyhawk] [Lankhmar] [Oriental Adventures] [Planescape] [Ravenloft] [Spelljammer]

AL-QADIM - Arabian Adventures

Magic carpets, ghoulish vixens, genies rising from the sand in a whirlwind of smoke and fire - such wonders, spun into tales by the fabled Sheherazade, enchanted a king for a thousand and one nights.

The AL-QADIM campaign will enchant role-players for a thousand and one more.


Amid the barren wastelands of Ahtas lies the scattered city states, each in the grip of its own, tyrannical sorcerer-king. Protecting their own positions with dark magic, they demand absolute obedience. The restless mobs are placated with bread and circuses - the arenas overflow with spectators seeking release from their harsh lives.

The land outside the cities belongs to no one. Savage elves race across the desert while insectoid thri-kreen satisfy their taste for blood. Dwarves labor at projects beyond the scope of men, and feral halflings lie in ambush.

Athas is a land of deadly magic and powerful psionics that offers no promise of glory or even survival. Those who do not have the cunning to face life on Athas will surely perish - leaving nothing but bones bleached white under the blistering rays of the Dark Sun.


For DRAGONLANCE saga enthousiasts and AD&D game players everywhere, here is information on the world shattered by dragons and their armies. The backgrounds for Knights of Solamnia, the wizards of High Sorcery, tinker gnomes, kender, and much more are detailed along with their AD&D game system rules. The struggle for the fate of Krynn awaits!


A campaign world similar to the Earth of the 13th and 14th centuries. Most of the Forgotten Realms has until recently been covered by wild forests and unsettled grasslands. Civilization is still a novelty in much of this world, even the oldest of cities on the Inland Sea, or the founding of Waterdeep, the Greatest city of the North, are within the memory of the oldest living elves of Evermeet.


Enter a world of wonder and intrigue; a world where bandit kings raid from their remote stronghold; a world where noble elves fight savage invaders and where bold knights wage war on the terror of Iuz; a world scarred by a vast Sea of Dust, across which drift lost memories from the awful, forgotten past.

LANKHMAR - City of Adventure

LANKHMAR... city of thieves, city of the night, city of adventure. Home of Fritz Leiber's famous heroes, FAFHRD and the GRAY MOUSER; greatest adventurers in the world of Nehwon.

Visit the fabled Rainbow Palace, stroll the surly streets of the old town, haggle at the market place or risk the winding maze of the Tenderloin. From the wharves and shipyards to the dark sewers of this mighty metropolis, LANKHMAR takes you on a full tour.


The mysterious and exotic Orient, land of spices and warlords, has opened her gates to the West.


Discover the multiverse! Enter infinite universes of infinite variety, worlds beyond the prime-material settings of the AD&D game. Explore Sigil, the City of Doors, filled with portals to every layer of every plane. All you need is the right key...


Ravenloft is a realm of terror for AD&D adventures, rooted in the Gothic tradition. It is a demiplane of dread and desire, a world whose misty fingers can reach into any other campaign setting and draw unsuspecting heroes into its midst. Once it holds them in its icy embrace, it may never let them go...

SPELLJAMMER - Adventures in Space

Multitudes of worlds wheel through Wildspace. The crystal shells that encase them bob and drift in a turbulent, rainbow ocean which fills all the cosmos. Sturdy merchants, bold pirates, and daring explorers venture into the great, unknown vastness of the universe, seeking wealth and adventure.

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