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Science Fiction


You're an explorer commanding the newest starship in the fleet, or... a brilliant scientist seeking a cure for a deadly alien virus, or... a battle-weary space marine fighting to protect the galaxy, or... any other SF hero you can imagine!

Experience the future - one adventure at a time!

This roleplaying game provides a framework for all kinds of contemporary to far-future science fiction adventures.

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Player Characters

Player characters can be of one of the following species:
Anybody who knows the classic alien from the "X-Files" or "Dark Skies", knows the fraal. They are the grey, 1.50m high, big-eyed aliens. And they possess psionic powers.

Imagine a race where cybernetics is so advanced and grafted into their biological make-up, that they are born with cybernetc implants. That's the mechalus.

It has eight eyes, has wings, and lives in the dark. No, not a batman/spiderman hybrid, but the sesheyan.

Bursting with energy, these reptilians are curious to the extreme. They want to know everything. This means they are the kind of people that takes apart things to see how they work. Luckily, they are talented enough to put them back together afterwards.

Big and furry, with huge claws. They make a wookie look like a teddy bear. The most feared warriors in the known universe. Too bad they don't have any affinity with technology.

You know what I'm talking about.

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