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The Near Now... Later today, early tomorrow, somtime next week, the world began to end.

They come from other realities, raiders joined together to steal the awesome energy of Earth's possibilities. They have brought with them their own realities, creating areas where the rules of nature are radically different - turning huge portions of Earth into someplace else.

Now a primitive realm of dinosaurs and spiritual magic exists in North America, a fantasy realm of magical creatures and high sorcery invades the British Isles, and a theocratic Cyberpapacy springs up in Western Europe. A new Egyptian empire, a high-tech espionage realm, and a terror-filled reality of horrific monsters also join the invasion.

But Earth is not helpless. Standing between these Possibility Raiders and total victory are the Storm Knights, men and women who have weathered the raging storms of change with their own realities intact. The Storm Knights come from any of the seven realms and are dedicated to stopping the raiders here, before their unholy hunger consumes Earth - leaving behind a desolate husk.

These are the heroes, attempting to do what no one, in any reality, has done before - defeat the raiders and their leader, the self-proclaimed Torg!

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Player Characters

In Torg, you play the role of a Storm Knight. Although you can create any character, there are some 24 templates available to choose from and model your own PC after.

Torg Player Character Templates
Adventurous Scholar
Barbarian Warrior
Contract Ninja
Covert Operative
Curious Mage
Disgruntled Corporate
Doubting Cleric
Fast Hero
Gadget Hero
GodNet Raider
Gypsy Soothsayer
Human Tribal Shaman
Intrepid Reporter
Jaz Fighter
National Hero
Obsessed Prodigy
Realm Runner
Renegade Edeinos
Soldier of Fortune
Story Teller
Tough Hero
Vampyre Hunter

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