Dark Future, War (mech warrior)


The Armageddon War Has Arrived

This is the war that will end all wars. After years of economic disputes the United States of America has launched a war with the European Federation in a cataclysmic confrontation that threatens to envelop the entire world. In the front line of combat are mercenary, military and corporate units piloting the devastating WarMeks, armoured fighting machines with enough firepower and technology to level entire cities.

Armageddon 2089 - Total War takes conflict to a new level of hard science fiction and real world physics, featuring the most detailed combat rules yet devised for the d20 System. Enter a world packed with enough action and political intrigue to guarantee players are kept on the edge of their seats. From multi-ton WarMeks and armoured fighting vehicles to the very latest in fighter design and special forces operations, live the true horror of war in the modern ages.

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