The Graphic Adventure
by Wendy and Richard Pini

The Story

First released in 1978, the Elfquest story has come out on a regular three-issues-per-year schedule since then. Over this time, a steadily-growing readership has kept up with the adventures of Cutter and his tribe of Wolfriders.

The story began when humans burned down the Holt, home of Cutter's elves. The Holt, made of giant trees magically shaped to provide living quarters, has served as home for generations of elves. With no place to live, the elves were forced to look for another home. Their search led them through the caves of the trolls and across the desert to Sorrow's End, where they were surprised to find that other elves existed. While there, Cutter met his love, Leetah the Healer, and the elves encountered humans once again.

The Wolfriders' search for a home free of humans now also became a quest for their origins. Subsequent journeys through their world in a search for more elves led them to encounter butterfly-winged preservers, friendly humans, hawk- and elk-riding elves, and many other wonders on the way.

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