Daewoo infrared remote protocol
By the Daewoo protocol a logical 0 bit exists of a high puls with a duration time of 550 µs followed
by a low puls of 450 µs this means that the total duration time of a logical zero bit is 1ms.
A logical 1 bit is formed by a high on time of 550 µs followed by low signal of 1450 µs this means
also that the total duration time of a logical one bit is 2 ms.
The carrier frequency of the infrared signal is 38 kHz. When you will decode the signal with an
integrated receiver module you need a receiver module wich is tuned on 38 kHz like the TSOP1838
fabricated by Vishay. It will function also with a 36 kHz module but the sensitivity is less than by a
38 kHz module.
Because the receiver (mostly in hobby applications a microprocessor) needs to trigger on a new
received code the protocol starts with a start bit of 8ms high level pulse and a 4 ms low level pulse.
After this the 7 address bits and 7 command bits are sent. But the two words are divided by a 550µs
high level signal and 4ms low level signal. Terminating the protocol is done with an another
high level signal of 550µs.
The time between two startbits of bitstreams when the button on the remote control is being pressed =60 ms.
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