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Information about infrared light:
    Decode ir: On this page you can find a description about the basics of using infrared light for remote control, what you need to decode it and what you can do with it: for example control you pc, windows, winamp or mp3 player.
Detailed description of the folowing different remote protocols:
Control your pc with an infrared remote protocol, Pic sourcecodes and hobby projects:
    Pic sourcecode for sony ir protocol: Here you can find the sourcecode and hexfiles to decode infrared signals of a sony remote control with a pic microcontroller. With the buttons 0..9 you can control the output pins of the controller.
    The code is also serial transmitted on an output pin you can directly connect it to a pc and control windows or mediaplayer and etc.. Pic sourcecodes:Here you can find different source codes for the microchip pic microcontrollers like the pic16f84,pic16f628,pic12f629,pic12f675.
Tinyserir chip: A preprogrammed pic microcontroller for decoding RC5 infrared remote controls.
    Tinyserirchip: Here you can find the description, the testprogram and datasheets of the tinyserirchip. You can use this cheap and easy to use chip to control your pc, plc, robot and everything with a serial port. Because windows is not realtime it can be hard to decode the fast ir signals. Because you need to sample many times it can also slow down your system many times. But with the use of the tinyserirchip you can solve all these problems.
A microchip pic18f bootloader: The easy way to program your pics.
    Bootloader page Yep here you can find how to make your own simple bootloader based on the application note 00851 of microchip, but I changed this a little bit.
Leds and constant current source information.
    Leds: On this page you can find out what leds are, how you can connect it properly without troubles. How you need to calculate the right value of the series resistor. Constant current source: Here a detailed descripton of a constant current source with a LM317, how to use and calculate them and of course the schematic (circuit). You can use it to connect white or blue leds, Luxeon lumileds
My pcb milling page. (Under construction).
Links and datasheets:
    Links: A page with links of other electronic related pages. Datasheets: Here you can some datasheets of electronic components.