SONY infrared remote protocol

The sony ir code

The Sony remote control is based on the Pulse-Width signal coding scheme.
The code exists of 12 bits sent on a 40kHz carrier wave. The code starts with a header of 2,4ms or
4 times T where T is 600µS. The header is followed by 7 command bits and 5 adres bits.
The address and commands exists of logical ones and zeros. A logical one is formed by
a space of 600µS or 1T and a pulse of 1200 µS or 2T. A logical zero is formed by a space of 600 µS
and pulse of 600µS.
The space between 2 transmitted codes when a button is being pressed is 40mS
The bits are transmitted least significant bits first. The total length of a bitstream is always 45ms.

The following bitmaps are waveforms measured with a digital oscilloscope. The signals were transmitted with a sony remote control


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