Style :

Spinning Death Metal with influences from the early Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Malevolent Creation etc.

History :

After the split of Centurial, in Novembre 1999, the brothers Timmerman had already collected and written some new stuff. It was a lot heavier, more aggressive and faster then before, but without the help of the other bandmembers they ‘d never reached this result. The support on the bass came from Johan De Vos from Ghent, who wasn’t feeling really creative after the split of his band, Locusta. He heard what the two brothers came up with and was from the beginning very enthousiastic. So he joined the band in February 2000. It was at that particular time that the foundations of Solifugia were build.

Nic Martens, a talented guitarplayer from Maldegem, heard about the split of Centurial and presented himself to the band. They accepted him and in March 2000 the fourth member was a fact. A lot of ideas came forth en resulted in songs like ‘After Battle’, ‘Threats’ and ‘Lost Faith’. It was at that time the overall sound of the band was set.

Now you wonder who was the singer at that time ? Well, there wasn’t any ! There wasn’t even a bandname. Two singers had tried before, but they didn’t stay. Finally, through an advertisment the band came in contact with Pieter Vanderschaeghe, a singer from Brugge. He was accepted immediately and joined the band in Septembre 2000. It was a good cooporation and the lyrics followed soon.

Meanwhile, a new rehearsel-studio was needed, because the first one, at home of the parents of the two brothers, was really too small. They build it together and In Octobre 2000 it was finally ready.

Ofcourse, they were also in search for a good bandname. A lot of names were suggested, but Bernard came with the only true one, Solifugia. It is an allusion of the Latin word ‘solifugae’. This is a group of arachnids, spider-like insects. The only similarity they share with spiders is the fact that they have eight legs. Solifugids are very aggressive and fast moving and can inflict a painful bite.

In the autumn of 2000 and the spring of 2001 there were a couple gigs, all succesful. In May 2001 they recorded there first demo ‘Araneae Attack’ in there own rehearsel-studio. With six songs on it they were very happy with the result, although it isn’t the studio quality you are used to.

Since Septembre 2001 however, there was a new line-up because Nic and Pieter left the band early for personal reasons. Peter De Clercq replaced Pieter as lead singer and Nic has been replaced bij Maarten Dheedene. The band Solifugia nowadays exists of these five members !

During the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 they recorded their latest EP, Rampage of Brutal Revenge, in the Sweet & Sour Studio (studio of the singer of Spoil Engine). Five brutal death metal songs, just like it should.

Make shure you check them out on a stage nereby, so you can see and hear for yourself...