History-club De Gaverstreke Waregem, Belgium

The own archive of De Gaverstreke consists in many typed, indexed and digitalized sources. The members of the History-club can help you to find the useful documents.

Like elsewhere is the case, on this site we provide several digitalized sources. You can find all articles of our publications (1973-2008). The most important sources for the history of Waregem are in the archive of the lords of Ingelmunster. From this archive we selected 2000 files of Het Fonds de Plotho.

Waregem belonged to 2 districts ( Kortrijk and Oudenaarde) so several lists only concerns 1 part of Waregem. 

1.      Tax-lists

2.      Population-lists

3.      Cadastral items

4.      Feodale items                                      

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