3A LocoBooster Module


The Booster is an amplifier of the digital signal. Via the Booster the locomotives can be supplied with the necessary power and the digital information necessary to control them. For a digital track several Boosters will be needed to supply all locomotives with power.
It is advisable to use several smaller Boosters instead of one large Booster. In case of a short-circuit sparks will be generated that will create burn marks on the wheels of the locomotives. On the long term these sparks will damage the wheels. The small Booster is also ideal for modular tracks with a LocoNet network. This way the Boosters can be divided over the different modules.

LocoBooster Manual (version 18/10/2021)

The Booster is available in 3 versions:


The small Booster is ideal for modular tracks in a LocoNet network with a Command station. This way the Boosters can be divided over the different modules. This Booster is controlled completely via the Loconet cable. The board is equipped with control circuits to check the presence of the incoming RAILSYNC signal, and to check for short circuits on the board; the status of the board is indicated by means of feedback commands. The Booster output can be switched on and off by means of a Fixed Contact Output OPC_SW_REQ (0xB0) Loconet command. The Loconet command OPC_GPOFF (0x82) or OPC_IDLE (0x85) switched the Booster output off and the command OPC_GPON (0x83) switched the Booster output again on. The Booster PIC is based on the LocoIO and also has 4 ports that work identically as those on the LocoIO. The setting of the PIC is done by means of the LocoIO configuration program.


This Booster is functional identical on a L-Booster only the input signal is not coming from the Loconet cable but from an other digital system.


This version has no Loconet connection. The digital signal comes from another digital system. This is a simple Booster with control circuits to check the incoming signal, and to check for short circuits on the board .

This PCB 9x10cm with code "HDM05LNS" with components can you purchase for 59 Euro
The PIC programmed with version BST005 for upgrade with code "HDM05PIC" can you purchase for 7 Euro

You can order at the LocoHDL WEBSHOP


LocoHDL configuration program Example for L-Booster and N-Booster