ADVANCE hailed from the province of Limburg and started out in 1987, after NATION guitarist Lorenzo Augusti decided to assemble a new line-up. The remaining three ex NATION members (guitarist Giacomo Cantella {also ex WESTFALEN}, bassist Eric Pieters and drummer Roberto Rossi {also ex WESTFALEN}) quickly decided to form a new band. They acquired the services of vocalist Patrick Vanheyst (ex WICKED WIDOW) and ADVANCE was born.

A demo was recorded at Nightingale studio in Antwerp and released sometime in 1988. On July 2nd 1988 ADVANCE shared the stage with SHOAN & FIRST LADY at Zaal Posthalt in Wiemismeer (Zutendaal). On that occasion ADVANCE's line-up also included a keyboardplayer.

Soon after drummer Roberto Rossi quit the band and eventually sold his equipment. The remaining bandmembers started a search for a new drummer but the few that could convince them lived too far away in order to come to rehearsals frequently. Vocalist Patrick Vanheyst also took over a Metal Pub in Beringen, which meant even less time for rehearsals. Eventually ADVANCE just called it quits.

Bassist Eric Pieters briefly returned to NATION in 1989, but soon quit again, as he couldn't combine playing in a band with his studies any longer. In fact, Eric sold all of his equipment in 1990 and never touched a bass guitar ever since.

Vocalist Patrick Vanheyst continued with music and later surfaced in the likes of SUSTAIN, SHADOW LAND, and a bunch of other bands. These days he's active in an acoustic entertainment outfit called LES TEKIELAS.


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