Bay Area influenced thrashers ASPHYXIA started out in April of 1987, with the instigators being guitarists Yves and Roland Cluckers. They were soon joined by drummer Da Cardoen. A couple of vocalists and bassists came and went, before a stable line-up was rounded out with vocalist Carlos Ramos and bassist Leo Johanns in 1988. Eventually Roland left and the band continued as a quartet for a while. After the release of the Capitol Punishment demo Leo switched to guitar and a new bassplayer was found in Calo Faki. On May 26th 1990 ASPHYXIA was part of a festival line-up (at Zaal Ped in Beerse) that also included CYCLONE, PATRIARCH, TANKARD, MURPHY'S LAW and SEPULTURA.

By August 1990 a deal with Rumble Records was achieved and this new quintet ASPHYXIA line-up went to the Init Sound Studio with producer and engineer Andr Gielen, under the supervision of executive producer Jos Kloek. The result was the band's debut LP/CD, Exit : Reality. Having initially been announced to be entitled Violence First, Exit : Reality was set for release in December of 1990. Although ASPHYXIA played live in Aalst (December 30th 1990) and at the Lido in Leuven (January 5th 1991, together with CHANNEL ZERO, CRY OF TERROR and DEADLY INTENTIONS), Rumble Records delayed Exit : Reality until February 18th 1991. By that time guitarist Leo Johanns had already left the band.

A couple of days later, February 23rd 1991, ASPHYXIA had their LP/CD release party at Santa F in Chaineux, near Verviers. Warm-up bands that night were RISING NATION and CHANNEL ZERO. Almost the entire Exit : Reality release was performed that night, plus two brandnew tunes : Parental Advisory and The Last Step. Plus a cover version of SEPULTURA's Inner Self. More gigs followed (including a support slot to CYCLONE at Zaal Schuttershof in Sint-Kruis Brugge on April 13th 1991 and another one at a thrash festival in Moorsel, alongside ANESTHESY and CYCLONE, on April 21st 1991), and I must say that most of them were in the Flemish part of the country, as the situation for HR & HM bands in their own Walloon part was rather lame.

On November 9th 1991 ASPHYXIA played another homegame at Santa F in Chaineux (together with EVIL SINNER & HIDDEN RAGE) and on December 31st 1991 the band ventured off to the Alcatraz venue in Gent, once again together with EVIL SINNER.

Line-up problems started to pop up again in 1992, and by the end of that year ASPHYXIA consisted of Carlos, Yves and Da, plus new recruits Christian Olde Wolbers (guitar) and Alain Van Roy (bass). On November 14th 1992 the band played at Santa F once more, with CYCLONE. And on December 26th 1992 ASPHYXIA were to be found at Zaal Pede in Sint-Lievens-Houtem, alongside CHANNEL ZERO and CYCLONE.

This new quintet line-up also recorded another 5-song demo that was released in early 1993. This untitled effort was recorded and mixed by Jean-Charles ? and Jacky ? at Studio Panoramix in Chne. ASPHYXIA also made a return visit to Zaal Pede in Sint-Lievens-Houtem on February 6th 1993, the occasion being a festival that also included the likes of ANESTHESY, CHANNEL ZERO, CYCLONE, EXOTO and LETHAL IMPACT. The last ASPHYXIA gigs that I'm aware of were in Tienen on September 4th 1993 (together with BRAINWAVE, PARALYSIS and TYPHOON) and at the Foyer Culturel in Alleur on December 4th 1993 (alongside DECISION-D, INFECTED, MAMBASSA B.B., REQUIEM and RUN AMUCK).

Christian Olde Wolbers of course surfaced in FEAR FACTORY later on in the 1990's, and beyond.


1988 : Asphyxia (demo) {Victims, Epidemical Way Of Living, Gun Shop, Dead Man (TNT)}

1989 : Capitol Punishment (demo) {Capitol Punishment, Slice Of Death, The One Who Minds The Worm, Mr. Pain, No Thankx}

1991 : Exit : Reality (LP/CD, Rumble Records) {Capital Punishment, Violence First, Slice Of Death, Health For Sale, Paranoia Time, The One Who Minds The Worm, One Big Family, Where Shadows Are Dark, No Thanks}
{note : the CD version includes one bonus track : Mr. Pain}

1993 : demo {Dying Area, Once Men Will Fly, Exit : Reality, So Smile, Parental Advisory}

ASPHYXIA (demo 1993 cover)

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