In late 1981 Jan Sagon (guitar), Peter Van Herck (bass) & Michel 'Mich' De Vlaminck (drums) started jamming together. Thanks to an advertisment they soon found the right vocalist in Paul Syniawsky (ex THE MODS, ex PAUL'S COLLECTION, ex WHITE HEAT). According to Paul, he was forced to leave WHITE HEAT because their record company didn't think his voice was strong enough to record an LP with them. A second guitarist turned out to be a necessity as well, and the missing link was found in Marc Herremans, in early 1982.

BACKSLIDER kept on rehearsing for another six months and then recorded their first demo. A first support slot was secured around that time as well. More shows soon followed. Over the course of their career BACKSLIDER would play in such places as Aartrijke (Rocktempel The James), 's Gravenwezel, ... as well as Holland's Middelburg (Bar Americain). Plus a support slot to WHITE FANG.

On January 8th 1983 BACKSLIDER played at Jagersrust in Zandvliet. Around that time, in early 1983, Marc Herremans left (he would soon join DEEP THROAT) and was soon replaced by Eric Callaerts (ex WHITE FANG). Eventually guitarist Jan Sagon left BACKSLIDER aswell, as he decided to focus on his studies.

In early 1984 Beautiful People was included on an obscure and nowadays rare compilation LP entitled C'est Pas De La Crotte!, which was released through Music Lovers Association. BACKSLIDER turned out to be the only hard rock band on offer though, as the likes of LE SCOOP, BLANKS, GENETIX, AXONA, SHUTTLE, SS 20, SILICONE, ZONE VERTE, NAZCA and ATOMIC SHELTERS were more in the rock and new wave vein.

In December of 1984 BACKSLIDER recorded a second demo. Shortly thereafter Eric Callaerts left BACKSLIDER.


1982 : (Demo) {Hot Love, Resurrection Rock, Beautiful People}

1984 : Beautiful People released on C'est Pas De La Crotte! compilation LP (Music Lovers Association)

1984 : (Demo) {Excalibur, Shadow Dance, Ice And Steel, Guardian Of The Power, Maniac}

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Marc Herremans, Paul Syniawsky

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January 10th 2007

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