BATTALION started out in late August, early September of 1985. The original line-up included Piet Overstijns (vocals), Guy 'Vinnie' Commeene & Filip 'Phil' Vandamme (guitars), Bart Lamsens (bass) and Geert Jacques (drums). Only a couple of months later Piet was already replaced by Geert 'Wisten' Wieczorek. Both Filip and 'Wisten' used to be roadies for BUZZARD prior to starting BATTALION.

Over the course of their rather short career BATTALION went on to play several live shows. On January 3rd 1987, BATTALION supported XES and KILLER at the Europahal in Tielt. On January 31st 1987 the band traveled all the way to Maasmechelen, where they supported SHOAN & XES. By that time drummer Geert had been replaced by former BUZZARD guitarist (!) Stefaan 'Steev' Deceuninck, and with this new line-up BATTALION recorded their Evil Legions demo later on in 1987.

More line-up changes followed : bassist Bart Lamsens was replaced by Stefaan Vanhaute (ex STAINLESS STEEL) and Dutch guitarist Reinier Schenk (ex FUTURE TENSE, ex MALISHA) came in favour of Filip Vandamme. On December 12th 1987 BATTALION was part of a festival line-up at the Sporthal in Ledegem that also included the likes of CYCLONE, DESTRUCTION, ONSLAUGHT and ANGEL DUST. BATTALION also played one show with HELLFIRE in Koekelaere, and another one with DEATH SQUAD, at some point during their existence. Plus a Metallysee festival appearance alongside the likes of SODOM & TANKARD.

In early 1988 Guy Commeene left and the band fell apart as a result.

Guy then joined HIDDEN RAGE and was later found in Operation GSD and ANESTHESY. Since 2001 he's the guitarist and co-founder of progressive metal band ARTRACH. BATTALION's initial vocalist Piet Overstijns would eventually reunite with Guy in ARTRACH in late 2005. Geert 'Wisten' Wieczorek, Reinier Schenk and Stefaan 'Steev' Deceuninck started YOSH later on in 1988. Reinier was also found in DOUBLE D., MESHUGGENERS, ANESTHESY and the resurrected FUTURE TENSE. And from 2000 onwards he's been involved with technical death metal outfit FLESHMOULD. These days Stefaan Deceuninck (aka Steve DC) is the drummer in NATIVE INSTINCT. I have no clue at all as to what Filip Vandamme, Bart Lamsens, Geert Jacques and Stefaan Vanhaute have been up to after their spell with BATTALION.


1987 : Evil Legions (demo) {Deliverer, Highway Livin', Nightmares, Coming Out}

Evil Legions (adjusted CDr cover from original demo cover) {supplied by Guy Commeene}

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Guy Commeene, Reinier Schenk

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