BATTLECRY live (L - R : Jos Van Geit, Johan Susant) (picture supplied by Jos Van Geit)


BATTLECRY were around in the mid 1980's and they hailed from Kortenberg. They were previously known as TRAIN, but when they decided to change their hard rock style towards a more metallic one, a namechange was in order as well. This happened in early 1985. The first gig as BATTLECRY took place on April 13th 1985 at Ons Huis in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, together with ROCK IN PEACE.

By mid 1985 BATTLECRY's line-up read as follows : Chris Ketelaer (vocals), Jos Van Geit & Chris De Turck (guitars), Johan 'Wannes' Susant (bass) & Pierre C. (drums). This line-up recorded a six-song demo at Battlecry Studio in July of 1985, produced by the band itself.

On August 31st 1985 BATTLECRY were part of the Whiplash festival at the Sint-Anna venue in Aalst, alongside AXEL, EXPLORER, HORIZON, LIVING DEATH and WARHEAD. And on October 26th 1985 BATTLECRY shared the stage with EXPLORER and TRIAL at Zaal Gildenhuis in Zele.

In late 1985 or early 1986 Johan left to join CROSSFIRE. Which turned out to be a very short spell, as he ended up in TARGET later on in 1986 already. Eventually Chris De Turck joined TARGET in 1986 as well.


1985 : Cry Of The Warrior (demo) {Sword Of Hatred, Hot-Blooded Woman, Centre Of The Storm, Excalibur, Still In Trance, Fight Tonight}

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