BEANS was one of the instrumental projects created by ex AMBUSH drummer Filip "Flip" Boonen, after he had left that outfit in 1988. Actually, ‘beans’ translated in Dutch is ‘bo(o)nen’. Contrary to QUASIMODO, his other project at the time, BEANS turned out to be way more melodic and accessible than anything Flip had ever done before. Apart from playing bass, guitar and drums, Flip als incorporated some piano and clarinet on the Tohicdd demo. Very atmospheric indeed, but hardly related to the speed / thrash style people were used to from his past endeavours. It’s Rock more than anything else, and thus something for the more adventurous listener.

As of mid 1990 Flip would surface (as guitarist) in death / thrash combo EXOTO.


1988 : Tohicdd (demo) {Tohicdd – Blind Trust – No Second – Regrets – Cocktail Rock}

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October 7th 2009

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