BEELZEBUB originated out of Steenokkerzeel in March of 1983. The instigators were Yvan Verhaegen (vocals), Michel Olijf (guitar) and Alain Verhaegen (drums). About a year later Chris Ketelaer (who would soon after become the singer for TRAIN as well, who later changed their name to BATTLECRY) joined on guitars. He was soon followed by his (by then) TRAIN colleague Johan 'Wannes' Susant on bass, albeit on a temporarily basis, until a permanent BEELZEBUB bassist would be found. It soon became obvious though that things didn't really work out with the original three members. As a result both Chris and Johan left and put all of their efforts into TRAIN. In October 1984 Igor Pint was added on guitars and the band changed their name from BEELZEBUB to BLACK SHEPHERD.



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