The origins of BLACK SHEPHERD go back to a band called BEELZEBUB. When founding members Yvan Verhaegen (vocals), Michel Olijf (guitar) and Alain Verhaegen (drums) added new guitarist Igor Pint in October of 1984 they decided to change the bandname to BLACK SHEPHERD at the same time. In January of 1985, with the addition of bassist Willy Verbelen, the band was complete at last. This line-up recorded the first demo in April of 1985. On August 3rd 1985 BLACK SHEPHERD were the openers of the Hegge Rock II festival in Poederlee. Completing the line-up that day were POWERAID, PARIAH, XIRONIX, GIANT FLUSH, VICTIM and headliners RED DRAGON from Holland. This resulted in more shows, with the likes of ONSLAUGHT, KREATOR, ANGEL DUST, CYCLONE, ... On December 1st 1985 Whiplash magazine organised a gig for Italian metallers ASTAROTH at the Forum in Hombeek (Mechelen) and BLACK SHEPHERD were elected to be the support band.

In February of 1986 another demo was recorded : United Evil Forces. Producers in charge were Alex Raes and Jos Van Geit (ex OVERDOSE, ex TRAIN, ex BATTLECRY). On May 3rd 1986 BLACK SHEPHERD participated in the United Forces festival at Zaal Perfa in Burst (Aalst), together with ARTILLERY, CYCLONE, X-CRETA and WINGED WARRIOR. Shortly after this show bassist Willy Verbelen left BLACK SHEPHERD, as he chose his studies above being in the band. By the time that the band participated in the Spettel Metal festival in Tienen on May 31st 1986, they still hadn't found a replacement, and as a result they played that show without a bassplayer! A suitable replacement bassist would eventually be found in Patrick Minnebier.

On June 28th that same year, BLACK SHEPHERD were the opening band at the Whiplash festival at the De Kriekelaar venue in Schaarbeek (Brussels). On September 6th 1986 BLACK SHEPHERD secured another festival opening slot, this time around at the Metallysee festival, once again at Zaal Perfa in Burst.

In early 1987 there were at least two more BLACK SHEPHERD gigs : on January 17th they were back at De Kriekelaar in Schaarbeek and on March 14th they played somewhere in Gemmenich, near the German border.

A deal with the Punk Etc. label was signed and the band recorded their debut LP, Immortal Aggression, in 1988.

In 1989 the band recorded yet another demo, with Yvan taking over the bass duties, as well as singing. Once again the entire effort was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Raes & Jos Van Geit. The last thing I know is that BLACK SHEPHERD played somewhere in Zaandijk, Holland on October 28th 1989.


1985 : Demo {Animal, Black Shepherd}

1986 : United Evil Forces (demo) {Kill The Priest, Make Love War, Preacher Of Death, Lord Of Darkness}

1988 : Immortal Aggression (LP, Punk Etc.) {Immortal Aggression, State Of Decay, Make Love War, Corpses, Preacher Of Death, Trash, Another Day To Die, Kill The Priest, Animal, Lord Of The Darkness, I Am God, Evil Revenge}

1989 : Welcome (demo) {Intro, Long May He Reign, Little Bitch, War At Last}

Immortal Aggression LP (frontcover)

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