BUZZARD (picture courtesy of Henri van Dommelen & supplied by Gert Ouderits)




1982 : Live In The Studio (Demo) {Gods Of Lightning, The Bastard, I Was Living Without Love, Hell Racers, Answer My Love, Fire}

1982 : Demo {Hell Racers, Gods Of Lightning, Ended Love, Screaming Metal Everywhere}

1983 : A Strange Gang (Demo) {A Strange Gang, My Dirty Girl, Metal Freak, I Was Living Without Love, You And Me, Woman Of Illusion}

1984 : Demo {Stone Hard And Loud, Instrumental, Gambler}

1984 : Gambler (LP, Antler) {Stone-Hard And Loud, We Are Heavy Rockers, You And Me, Save Me, Can't You See, A Strange Gang, Nosferatu, Gambler, Midnight Countess, Woman Of Illusion}

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July 11th 2007

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