DEAD SERIOUS 1987 (L - R : Ivan De Strooper, Armand Thiébaut, Marc Vereecken, Gunther Poppe, Jan Van Der Poorten) (picture supplied by Ivan De Strooper)


In July of 1987 both EXPLORER and TRIAL (both from Zele) ceased to exist. Soon after former EXPLORER members Armand 'Armando Don Beast' Thiébaut (vocals), Ivan De Strooper (guitar) and Jan 'Jay' Van Der Poorten join forces with former TRIAL bassist Gunther 'Gunny' Poppe and drummer Marc Vereecken and thus DEAD SERIOUS was born.

Later on in 1987, or in early 1988 the band recorded one of their rehearsals and spread it around a bit. Vocalist Armando left the band for a while afterwards. Auditions for a replacement did take place (even one female applied for the job) but never worked out. Armando soon returned anyhow, and live shows started to work out as well : on April 17th 1988 DEAD SERIOUS played together with openers HYBRID and headliners SILENXCE at De Mussenakker in Meer. A first demo was recorded in August 1988, in Holland. The band started to play live more often as well, including a show at 't Veerke in Oud-Gastel, Holland on November 12th (with MESSIAH). At least one show with BLESSED DEATH and CYCLONE took place in 1988 as well.

On February 4th 1989 DEAD SERIOUS were the headliners at the Thrash Orgy 5 festival at the Geronimo venue in Rotterdam, Holland. Also on the bill that night were 5 Dutch bands : USURPER, CRIVITS, SJÖLMORD, SINISTER and BRAIN IMPLOSION. On May 20th DEAD SERIOUS were headliners at JK Kameleon in Eindhout, with GODSEND, THYRUS and PATRIARCH completing the line-up. More gigs in Holland followed, including one at the world famous Dynamo club in Eindhoven, just one week after ANTHRAX had played there. And another one at Cerberus in Hengelo, on September 9th 1989. On October 29th 1989 DEAD SERIOUS made a return visit to De Mussenakker in Meer, as headliners above TERMINATOR and UNUSUAL.

In January of 1990 negotiations begin with Aarschot-based Justice Records. Justice was also home of CYCLONE and DECADENCE in those days. The band was also ready to play the Alcatraz pub in Gent and somewhere in hometown Zele in March of 1990.

Due to drummer Marc having to join the army that year, recordings for the band's debut release couldn't start until late in the year. The recordings were finally completed in late November 1990 and by then it was already painfully obvious that Justice Records was suffering from financial problems. And as the band had incorporated a clause in their contract, saying the LP/CD should be available in the shops within a two-month period after finishing the recordings, it was clear that It's A Nice Day was not to be released on Justice after all. Besides, Justice soon afterwards went bankrupt ...

To make matters worse, it also turned out that Justice Records had never paid the bill for the recording studio (Ace), and as a consequence the bandmembers had to cough up the money (well over € 6000 in those days) themselves. Which almost caused some members to leave the band ... After the band managed to retrieve the recordings at last, they started looking for a new label to release them. Some 30 record companies were approached with a promo copy, including some of the finished recordings. Music For Nations were optimistic at first, yet things never materialised. In Virgin's case it was a matter of lack of budget.

DEAD SERIOUS in the studio (L - R : Gunther Poppe, Jan Van Der Poorten, Ivan De Strooper, Armand Thiébaut, Marc Vereecken) (picture supplied by Gunther Poppe)

At last they found a record label interested in releasing the band's debut in Toxo Tcm, a subsidiary of Germany's West-Virginia Records. Toxo Tcm released the It's A Nice Day LP/CD in late 1991, but they fucked up big time as the running order mentioned on the CD doesn't correspond with the actual running order. Reprinted below is the correct running order of the CD. DEAD SERIOUS' future looked brighter than ever anyhow. Although one must say that by the time of release, the record wasn't entirely representative of the band's style any longer. The band had already written some new material by then, and intended to continue doing so, in order to have enough material for a second release, which they hoped would soon follow.

A new demo was recorded in 1992, and plenty of gigs followed. A new record deal wasn't achieved though. The band also participated in Humo's Rock Rally in 1992. Out of some 200 bands they managed to reach the semi-finals, when only 20 bands were left. DEAD SERIOUS' semi-final was held at the Vooruit in Gent. And although they didn't advance to the final, they did indeed make their mark, being the only metal band on display that day. The band continued to play live afterwards, before they called it a day in May of 1993.

Unfortunately drummer Marc Vereecken was the victim of a severe motorcycle accident in June of 1993. Marc slipped into a coma and died two weeks later. Later on in 1993 guitarists Ivan De Strooper & Jan 'Jay' Van Der Poorten and bassist Gunther 'Gunny' Poppe decided to start all over again. They recruited former MIND-RUIN drummer Jeannot Schram and called their new outfit DIE SINNER DIE. Gunther also took care of the vocals in those days.

DIE SINNER DIE went on to record a 4-song demo at Hype Power Studios and played live a couple of times. One gig was in Berlare, another at Juvenes in Zele. The band also reached the final of a Rock Rally in Sint-Niklaas, where they ended last. DIE SINNER DIE also attempted to enter Humo's Rock Rally in 1994, but they weren't even selected. On Saturday February 25th 1995 the band participated in the Rock Zele festival. Around April 1995 they threw in the towel for good.


1988 : Rehearsal {Daddy Goes To Disneyland, Stagedive To Heaven, Let's Thrash, Insane, Beware Of Ducks}

1988 : Beware Of Ducks (demo) {Beerdrinkers, Donald And Daisy, Beware Of Ducks, Daddy Goes To Disneyland}

1991 : It's A Nice Day (LP/CD, Toxo Tcm) {Donald & Daisy, It's A Nice Day, Being A God Is No Sin, Beerdrinkers, Daddy Goes To Disneyland, Red Renault Five, Tourist In My Neighbourhood, What The Duck Is Going On, Stagedive To Heaven, Beware Of Ducks, March Of The Pets, The Look}
{note : the CD version includes one bonus track}

1991 : The Look released on Cries Of The Unborn compilation CD (West Virginia)

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